Dopey Challenge 2015: ready for liftoff?

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to relax and head to Florida for vacation and by vacation I mean spend 4 days getting up before 5 am to run giant races through Walt Disney World. As I said to my cousin, “Since I started working, I want you to think about this: I find MARATHONS a relaxing experience that I use my vacation time for because, you know, THAT’S relaxation now.”

Dopey is in mere days. I mean, 9 days and I’m in Disney World, to pick up my bib.

Who’s ready to have some fun running some magical miles?!

Who’s ready to get some nice shiny medals that make all the folks back home think you’re still crazy but hey that’s kind of a nice medal…?!

Who’s ready to high five some characters at the finish line?!

Who’s ready to cheer for @KellieEbe as she runs her first ever marathon a week from Sunday?!



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