Dopey Challenge 2015: Packing

Yes, running 48.6 miles over 4 days is a challenge that people enjoy bragging about. But you know what I enjoy bragging about? That I packed for this race weekend using only carry on luggage. That’s right: 4 races, 1 suitcase. I still feel a certain sense of giddy when I think about it. So what does packing for the Dopey Challenge look like in my case? How do I pack for 4 races in one suitcase and a personal item? I’m so glad I asked me that.


The suitcase that holds it all

Plan to reuse to reduce. You don’t have to wear everything in your suitcase just once. Last year, I opted to reuse a white running skirt–run as Daisy on Thursday and Donald on Friday for the 5k and 10k. The socks, the skirt, and the bra were rinsed in the sink immediately after the 5k and hung up to dry out for the 10k. It also saved me money getting items I could use for a costume.

IMG_2937Use the race shirts. Embrace the time honored Disney tradition of wearing your race shirt post race. I packed 2 non-running shirts–the rest of the time when I wasn’t running I was wearing my race shirts. It helped that I really liked the race shirts last year, but honestly it’s less cumbersome than wearing the medal and helps you save suitcase space.

Maximize under the seat space. You have a personal item for storage underneath the seat in front of you. Use all that space, don’t go with a teeny tiny bag that holds one item. Pack smartly by bringing spare running essentials–socks, sports bra–and anything you can’t live without in the event that you are forced to gate check against your will. THIS IS A WORST CASE SCENARIO BUT YOU’VE GOT TO BE PREPARED.

Remember, your body is a carry-on. For the love of God, layer. Wear on your throw away sweatshirt that would otherwise take up a lot of space. Wear your running sneakers. Anything bulky that you can wear instead of pack, do it. DO IT.


10 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge 2015: Packing

  1. I was actually going to check a bag for the first time ever, not so much because I need that much suitcase space, but more on the principle that soon I can no longer check it for free, so I’m doing it while I can…ON PRINCIPLE!

  2. I’m only running one of the four races… but I am still thinking I can’t do it all in a carry-on. CURSES, US AIR.

  3. Good for you! With the food I pack there is no way I’d fit it in a carry on. The one saving grave is that it will be warm in Florida. Summer clothes are not bulky and should take up less space. I’m just happy I get it all in one suitcase 😀

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