Back to the Future of Running

So, 2014 was kind of a meh year for running. I didn’t PR anything, I made no astounding breakthroughs in running in distance or in time. All around, 2014 was the year of coasting on the work of 2013.

In some ways, the goal of 2015 is to actually take a step back from running. I will be noticeably lightening my race load this spring since I won’t be requalifying for the 2016 NYC Marathon and that knocks 9 races off my race calendar right off the bat. This includes the Brooklyn Half Marathon, which I will not be running for a third time in 2015. Also off the calendar, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC because it’s not being put on this year. I’m actually pretty sad about this one because I really enjoyed this race the past two years. It’s been my fastest and it’s also been the hands down most convenient half marathon in the DC area for car-less me.

There will be no 2015 NYC Marathon, either, because it is the day after my sister’s wedding. Even if it weren’t the day after, though, I probably still wouldn’t be running it this year so I’m planning on deferring to 2016. The plan is to have no fall marathon in 2015, but if I managed to get into the Marine Corps Marathon… Well, it’s on the table as a possibility. The NYC marathon taught me that although the bagels are better in NYC, I prefer the Marine Corps Marathon.

The current 2015 race calendar is:

  1. Dopey Challenge (January)
  2. Mid Atlantic Erg Sprints (January)
  3. Glass Slipper Challenge (February)
  4. Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (April)
  5. Dumbo Double Dare (September)
  6. Wine & Dine Half Marathon (November)
  7. Dopey Challenge (January 2016)

I include Dopey 2016 because registration is so early in 2015 that it’s already on the race calendar. The lure of being a legacy runner is just too great for this one, sadly. Also, this will be my first time participating in the Mid Atlantic erg sprints held in Alexandria, VA. I’ll be heading to Crash-B erg sprints in Boston in February, but not racing them myself. Instead, I’ll be a land cox for a friend and it’ll be my first ever trip to Boston, so that’s kinda cool.

A lot of people progress in life and end up running races other places that are so much better than Disney World. They push themselves to run faster or run in different places, different states, different countries. They don’t race at all or very rarely but train really hard for it. I suppose I’m really stunted in that instead of broadening my horizons, which I’ve been strongly encouraged by others to do, I am instead closing them off and actually running more in Disney in 2015 and less elsewhere. I’m coasting on doing the bare minimum and seeing no real result.

I’m in a rut, but the more I think about it, the more I am really liking my rut, right now.


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