Dopey Challenge: Four Costumes

I uh… I have slacked off in the costume department. Once upon a time, I sewed together original costumes with intricate details. I painted my own f–king fabric in glow in the dark paint, I painstakingly glued ribbon to a crinoline. I did this for so many races.

And then I got a full time job and that was the end of that.

This year, I’m introducing two new running outfits because one is a costume (kinda) and the other is just a statement. As I already mentioned, for either the 5k or the 10k, I will be sporting my homage to the Maelstrom since we will be running through the World Showcase. Rest in peace, my friend. Rest in peace. I’ll sport this number with a black skirt for the full effect of my sadness.

I picked up a second set of mouse ears from Target ($5.99 in the party section) for my friend so she can run as Minnie Mouse in the 5k!

For the 10k, I’m either a) finding the add on pieces for my old Donald Duck costume from last year (red bow and white buttons) or making an Olaf costume because fuck it, I need simple, quick, cheap, and easy. I found myself thinking about the Olaf stick hair while staring at a tree and saying, “If I don’t have the right color felt, I could always just take some twigs, right?”

Or I’ll just dig out a purple shirt and go as Daisy again. I don’t know.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll find all the pieces of my former Goofy costume from last year’s half marathon and I’ll be re-Goofying it again at this year’s half. And in what will now be a 3 year tradition, I shall be Minnie Mouse yet again in the full marathon wearing my Minnie Mouse sparkletech and my (what else) lululemon scoop neck tank top.

We’ll meet again, Dwarf boy. We will meet again. Hopefully, I won’t be dressed like this after the full marathon again this year, though.


Sunday. Post Marathon.


7 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge: Four Costumes

  1. I love how we’re like a day off in our costumes! I’m going to be Donald for the half and Goofy for the full…you know, assuming I ever finish making them. I kinda wish I had your costumes as both mine have sleeves and I can already see me dying while wearing both of them!

  2. I take the extra lazy route and have my mom make my costumes, so I am adding Mary Poppins to the pile. I am thinking it will be my 10k one since I don’t think I can stand the hat for 13 miles. I have done a 5k in a bike helmet, so a 10k in a felt hat can’t be that much worse, right?

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