I am running, should I be running?


Getting back into a routine post marathon is difficult for me. Especially after the Dopey Challenge, I basically just want to crawl into bed at 7:00 pm and sleep til the late late hour of 6:00 am. After every marathon, I need about a month before I’m mentally ready to be all “yeah, let’s go run!” But I had my first run back from the marathon on Monday and behold what that run sounded like inside my head. . .

Wow, this is going great! Look at how quickly I’m running!
I feel great! I’m in great shape for a really great month of running!
Oh, wow, this went downhill really fast… Excuse me, can someone tell me if my legs are still moving? Anyone? Anyone see my legs moving?
I think I’m rebounding, I think it was just a momentary lull, I’m coming back from it, I’m picking up speed. I’m moving forward!
Ok, no, that was a shortlived revival. Don’t be upset the grandpa is passing you. Don’t be upset the grandpa is passing you.

Oh fuck the grandpa is passing me.

Just keep telling yourself you just did a marathon. You just did a marathon. How long can I use the “I just did a marathon” excuse? Like, a month right? At least. Six months?

Forgot the first rule of running already: Don’t pig out on peanut butter before you run. I think I might just go barf into that trashcan right there.
Oh wait, I can stop after 2 miles.
I don’t have to run 20 miles this weekend.
I can just stop whenever I want because I don’t have to train for anything.
[Momentary pause]

Just a few more minutes and I’ll go in.


11 thoughts on “I am running, should I be running?

  1. HAHAHAHAHA yeah, that sounds about right with how my run went last night…only the grandpa was in my head because I was on a treadmill.

    But who cares! We don’t need to train for yet ANOTHER PR in fun next month! 🙂

  2. Lol…yes this is so me for the first few weeks after a marathon! I usually take a full week off from running (cross train a little) then do a 3 week reverse taper. By then I start feeling antsy and ready to find my next race. I find it so much harder to run when I don’t have a specific goal to train for. Good luck with your recovery and enjoy taking it easy for a bit. 🙂

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