BIG Things

There are some big things happening this week. First, I have my first ever erg sprints this weekend.

I’m pretty excited for them, actually, since I’ll be in 3 events–2 as a rower and 1 as a coxswain. Erg sprints are funny–apparently, rowers who live in cold climates can’t go that long without racing so they get together 50-100+ rowing machines in a high school gym and race.  It’s like if runners in Canada in February were like, “Fuck it, let’s get a bunch of treadmills together and race each other.”

Screen shot 2015-01-25 at 10.45.31 AMTypically, these events are dominated by high schoolers and it’s shorter distances–2k is the standard distance and then there are row-all-out-for-five-minutes events. I looked at the registration and was like, “2k? I’m not wasting the 20 minutes it takes me to put on a sports bra to do a 2k!” As a general rule of thumb, I like to have the workout be longer than it takes to put a sports bra on, and as a runner “2k” just sounded… wrong. I kept reading it and thinking, “You mean a 5k, don’t you? 2k is so arbitrary!”

So of course, this dumbass runner who felt like 2k was not a legitimate race distance saw “half marathon” and was like, “OH OK! I LOVE HALF MARATHONS!” I’ve been dedicating a lot of time post-marathon to erging over running lately.

But that’s not all! The next day, I’m doing my first post-marathon race! Remember when I was all “I’m not doing any races this year”? Yeah, I forgot about that. I signed up for the Pacers’ race pass with the goal of just doing shorter distances.

A photo posted by Pacers Running (@runpacers) on Jan 12, 2015 at 9:13am PST


Instead of setting a goal for a half marathon this spring (since my favorite race where I ran my fastest times is gone now RIP Nike Women’s Half), I’d like to PR in a 10k, preferably the Lawyers Have Heart 10k in June. Super Bowl Sunday I’ll be doing the 5k/Combine before I head home and dedicate the remainder of my day to the Puppy Bowl.

It’ll be a busy, busy week. Here’s to hoping if I pass out someone records my time.




8 thoughts on “BIG Things

  1. Those Pacers runs all look so fun. I loved the Turkey Trot I did while I was out there, very well organized, good price, and the shirt was cute. Also, there’s this race in Kentucky you should do in March that has a lot of horses on it and hills and what’s the name of it again? Come run with me!

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