I Dumbo Double Dare You

It’s official, I’m heading back to Anaheim to run the Dumbo Double Dare in Disneyland this September. I signed up as an Annual Passholder before it sold out to Annual Passholders (about 25 minutes after it opened). I thought it wouldn’t sell out that quickly but boy oh boy was I wrong!IMG_5435This time, I’m doing things a little differently to make this trip to Disneyland a more enjoyable experience.

  1. Leaving my mother at home
  2. Staying in a Disney hotel (aside from my one free night at the Sheration Anaheim)
  3. Visiting the Richard Nixon Library in nearby Yorba Linda because I’m still mad I didn’t get to go the last time

I’m excited to get my second Coast to Coast medal and complete what will be my third runDisney Challenge in 2015 after Dopey and the Glass Slipper Challenge in Walt Disney World. I actually wanted to sign up for the 5k because they always seem to have fun themes and I actually kind of enjoy the 5k at Dopey a lot–I stop for a lot of pictures and just enjoy myself really. But the price tag for this was $80.38 including the active registration fee to which I muttered a string of expletives and immediately decided against registering because HOLY SHIT THAT IS EXPENSIVE.

Anyone else getting ready for the Disneyland Half Marathon?


16 thoughts on “I Dumbo Double Dare You

  1. I’m so psyched about our tweedle costume! Btw, I’m wearing my read sparkle skirt over the red leggings, cause yeah, I NEED TO SPARKLE! (And hide parts of my body). GET travel needs to get a cracking with posting them hotel rates!

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