Runniversary #3

I completely forgot to formally acknowledge my 3 year runniversary this year. In a stroke of good planning, my runniversary coincides with the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend–on the day of the 2012 marathon, I bought my first pair of running shoes at Target on clearance and went for my very first run. Wearing my jeans, my sweatshirt, and armed with my flip phone that I used to try and guesstimate when I’d run a minute, I embarked on an epic journey.

Five marathons, 18 half marathons, 2 Dopey Challenges, 1 10 miler, and a handful of 5ks/10ks and other assorted random distances later, I still can’t believe all the miles I’ve covered. I always said if I could last through my first summer running, I’d make it long term and after the troubles and problems I’ve encountered in 2014, I know one thing for certain: running is definitely going to continue being a part of my life for a long time.


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