Harsh Reality

Little miss runner sat on her sofa, eating her pancakes and whey.
When along came the flavor, which sat down inside her,
and miss runner threw up in her dish.

IMG_5551There is a real cruel trick being played on people.

I tried Trader Darwin’s (aka Trader Joe’s) Whey Protein powder, vanilla. I opened it up and smelled it and it was like funfetti! IT SMELLED LIKE FUNFETTI CAKE. That sets up expectations, people! Imagine my excitement, “Oh I can’t wait to eat this! I LOVE funfetti cake!”

Then I went to eat it and holy Dough Boy, it did not taste like funfetti.

Minor adjustments were made between yesterday and today–instead of adding it to my oatmeal, I added it to pancake batter. I mixed 1 scoop with 1/3 c. of bisquick, some almond milk, and cut up strawberries. It had a little bit of a kinda cake-y vanilla taste, or at least it was better than the day before.

I’m always trying to find ways to get protein since I basically survive on carbs, but there’s a good reason no one ever knows what “whey” is–it’s because whey tastes like shit and curds can be battered and deep fried, enjoyed by millions across the upper northwest/midwest. It’s a local delicacy in Minneapolis.

But this girl is doing more (and regular) weight training. She wants to grab ahold of the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in 2 months and crush it like the wilted flowers that will be littering the course.


Worst thing you ever ate in an attempt to be healthy?


3 thoughts on “Harsh Reality

  1. Ugh, protein powder generally does not taste good. I tried adding some to overnight oats once and it was the worst mistake I ever made. They tasted like clay. That being said, I also need more protein in my diet, so it may be time to try again. Ugh.

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