Love the Run You’re With

This past weekend I participated in another run Pacers’ 5k: the Love the Run You’re With Valentine themed race.

FYI, if you’re a woman signing up for a Valentine’s Day 5k that has a love match component and you’re looking for a man, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. There was one single guy and he looked like Santa. Also there’s no same sex match up either so you’re screwed no matter which way your desires are taking you. Thanks for nothing, love run.

The race was held in Arlington by the Pentagon Row shopping complex and generally speaking it was a pretty crappy course. Haines Point was nicer, honestly. This was highway running and incredibly boring. Upside: It was right by Costco so you could totally go fill up on samples when the race was done.

I ended up not PRing in the actual race, though. Originally, the friend I had convinced to sign up for their first 5k was all, “Oh I run a 7 minute mile.” So I was training my ass off to beat them. The 7 minute mile was more like a 13 minute mile. I also turned around and met up with my two other friends running at the turn around point and hung out with them and transitioned into my land cox mode: “You’re going to run to that traffic cone! Head up! Shoulders back! Use those arms!”

Yes, I’m a lot of fun to run with. Strangely enough, I get more satisfaction running with friends and pushing them than I think I get from PRing myself. It’s like Miss Norberry says in Mean Girls, “I’m a pusher, and I’m going to push you because it’s what I do.”

The best part was afterward when we went to the bar for karaoke. I ended up singing Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” with my friend and completely butchered the life out of it but it was amazing and wonderful and I loved every last minute of it. We even got interviewed for a local running website (and actually convinced the reporter, who was not a runner, to do a 5k with us in March because I’m an infectious disease). I provided a quote that I think should sum up everyone’s running experience.

“No shame in our singing, no shame in our times.” -Me

Anyone enjoy a Valentine themed race or find a love match?


12 thoughts on “Love the Run You’re With

  1. Ha! I’m doing a Cupid 5k on Saturday. We get different colored bandanas depending on whether we’re single or attached. I’ll be interested to see what the singles look like, just for sheer curiousity’s sake.

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