Princess Half Marathon: It’s almost time!

PrintIt’s funny how I always said I didn’t want to run the Princess half marathon for a variety of reasons, including that I am too fucking cool for a princess themed race. Spoiler alert: I’m not too cool for just about anything.

Here I sit really excited and counting down to my departure, each day more excited than the day before. Like a total dork, I sit here singing Disney Princess songs to myself, and wondering how to build a costume without spending a lot of money or time. (FYI I’ve come up with two that don’t require me to buy anything.)

I’m heading to Walt Disney World for the Glass Slipper Challenge and already thinking “Well, I mean, I could probably run it next year, too…” Mostly because I have an illness. But also because a lot has Ariel:Flounderchanged since I started running Disney in 2012 at the Disneyland Half Marathon. No, the novelty over my being excited about a half marathon will never go away but there’s also a K’n’K reunion tour happening! Kellie will be running with me and Kim’s going to be there, too! (Despite our best efforts, Calypso will not be in attendance and Kim politely turned down our offers to carry her for the 13.1 miles.) And there’ll be a blur out on the race course that we’re pretty sure is Lisa but it was moving too fast so no one’s really sure.

Even better, unlike the Dopey challenge (the only Disney challenge race I’ve done) there’s no marathon on Sunday! That really never gets old.




6 thoughts on “Princess Half Marathon: It’s almost time!

  1. 1- that meme is perfect. 2 -YES! Do it again next year! I’ll be there! (GSC is the one “perfect race” I got going/stand a chance at!) It’ll be sooooooooooooooo much fun! You can help distract me from the oh so much estrogen surrounding us with singing and dancing (er, I mean running)!

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