I’m a Princess

IMG_5692Over 40,000 runners. 22.3 miles. 4 race shirts. 4 medals. 1 million yards of tulle. And a shit ton of pixie dust later, the Princess Half Marathon weekend is over.

I’m very happy to announce that I have completed the Glass Slipper Challenge + Frozen 5k.

I want to just state very clearly for the record that the Princess half marathon was not the terrible shit show I had envisioned after reading recaps of the race. It was definitely a lot more crowded than other Disney races I’ve done (including the half marathon in January that is run over the same course) but generally speaking the ladies were not the raging, poorly behaved bitches I was anticipating. In fact, a lot of them were downright pleasant.

The best part, though, was being able to run all 22.4 miles with some lovely friends and seeing another at the finish line. Let’s be realistic, can I run in Disney without Kellie anymore? Probably not. Can I ride Soarin’ without her? Definitely not. And no doot aboot it, Lisa’s a lot of fun. And without Kim, none of us would’ve had a supper snazzy sign, gummi bears, and PRETZEL CRISPS at the finish line because girl knows post race snacks (even though we can all agree that’s she better out there on the course by our side).

And so, in short, congratulations to runDisney’s 2015 class of Princesses. Job well done, ladies (and gents).



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