Fall Is Already Here

I know, I skipped over spring and summer and just jumped straight to fall. That’s because I got back from the Princess half marathon weekend and decided to just register for stuff. February is the month I typically buy all my Amtrak tickets for the year to head home and see the family in New Jersey, so I tend to plan pretty far in advance if I want to be home for a particular race. The last two years, this included planning the 9+1 NYRR races into my schedule but I’M NOT RUNNING THEM THIS YEAR and I’m actually really, really excited about that.


Because I can run some other races that are more fun than a loop (or two) around Central Park because Central Park is boring as f#$k now. Yeah, that’s right, I said it.

PHM.2013.Logo_.000First up in the fall: the Princeton Half Marathon in Princeton, NJ on October 4. Right in my parents’ backyard, a 5 minute drive from my comfy bed at home and conveniently located near the place that makes the best cider donuts (Terhune Orchards, FYI)? Yes, please. I’ve wanted to run it for awhile but in 2012 it was cancelled because of Sandy related damage and in 2014 it was the same day as the NYC marathon. 2015 is the year.

Second: the Halloween Half Marathon in Morristown, NJ on 10/18. Registration up to 2/25 was $29.99 and I’ve done their Superhero race as my first ever half4208950 marathon and loved it. Also, you really can’t go wrong with $32.96 total for a half marathon (after the registration site fee was added in).

Third: Wine & Dine, because what did you just start reading?

Fourth: Naples Fall Classic, Naples, FL. I was planning on heading down for Thanksgiving, or as my mom says, “Why the hell wouldn’t we spend it on the beach,” anyway and this one was perfectly timed. I’m looking forward to a nice jaunt through Naples’s scenic gated communities and beachfront trails. And oh yeah, it falls on my 30th birthday, and this seemed like a great way to start my 30s without having to do the full marathon in Philly (which was my other option).

The one and only wildcard in the fall is the Marine Corps Marathon. I’ve decided to do the lottery and let fate decide–if I’m in, it’s my fall marathon (no travel/hotel required!) and if I’m not than I’m not fall marathoning in 2015. I’m not going to say it’s PR or bust, because that’s really not feasible and I’d rather not make this a miserable season for running, but I’m hoping spring will be a productive, base building season.

Favorite fall races? How far in advance do you register?


7 thoughts on “Fall Is Already Here

  1. Ummmm, hello?!?! You forgot to mention the Army Navy Half Marathon! Or does September not count as fall? I guess technically the race is the day before the first day of fall, so we can count it as a summer race.

    Is it bad that talk of cider donuts is tempting me to register for the Princeton half too?

    • I could lie to you, Kellie, and tell you that the cider donuts are just okay, but I brought them in to work once and I still get requests. “You going home to Jersey? Can you bring me back a bag of those cider donuts?” also: “these are the best cider donuts I’ve ever had.” They’re that good.

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