Frozen 5ks

IMG_5707Last weekend, I did the Frozen 5k in Disney World, which was figuratively Frozen and literally quite chilly.

I actually really love the Disney 5ks, and the 5k is my favorite race during marathon weekend. Is it the shorter distance? Is it the later wake up time? Usually a combination of both, but honestly I just have a really good time at them. I stop for all the photos, I love running around World Showcase. It’s a good time. IMG_5703

The best part of the Frozen 5k: “Let It Go” was played on a constant loop in the World Showcase (even when I was off the bus and back at my hotel, I COULD STILL HEAR LET IT GO PLAYING IN EPCOT). I ran with 2 out of 4 Disney running buddies, Kellie and Lisa. It was like all my runDisney race dreams come true.

The downside to this race was that they only trotted out characters in their Christmas/ski outfits and it seemed like there were a lot fewer than there normally are in the 5k, I suspect the winter outfit theme was to blame. Nonetheless, Frozen combined with Kellie and Lisa made up for everything and I loved it without reservation.

Screen shot 2015-03-01 at 4.09.14 PMThen this weekend I ran a race that was literally frozen, the Pacers’ St Patrick’s Day 5k/10k double header.

The 5k had snow and by the time the 10k started and I was one mile in we had experienced snow followed by hail. And then it just turned to freezing rain for the last 3 miles. Wintry mix, they said. Pacers had announced earlier that they might cancel the 10k or shorten it to a 4.5 mile run if the weather conditions were bad–they held off and by the time it was too late to really do anything DC started turning into an ice slick.

IMG_5824Capital Weather Gang’s gotten a 100 million tweets about icy conditions all over the DC metro area. BIG NEWS.

Despite the conditions, though, I was actually pretty excited with how the double header went. The 10k wasn’t the walk of death that it was the last time I did it. Added bonus: they decided to do a medal for this race and although the weather conditions made it such that they weren’t handing them out at the finish, I’ll be getting a spiffy medal in the mail! Something to look forward to that’s not a bill! I’ll take it.


One thought on “Frozen 5ks

  1. Our Frozen 5K was the best! All 5Ks will now pale in comparison. Actually, pretty much every race pales in comparison when they don’t involve my running buddy!

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