Whatcha Listenin’ to?

I don’t normally work out with music. When I run outdoors, I have a strict no headphones policy because I need to be aware of what’s going on around me and not lost in my tunes (unless I’ve got my singing partners with me and then we’re our own iPod). Having said that, back in December I got myself an iPod shuffle at Target because I was spending a lot of time in a gym on a treadmill and not out in the great outdoors. Hence why I was on the rowing machine this evening singing, “is she perverted like me?! Would she go down on you in a theater?!” Angry women rockers are excellent for getting you moving a little more, FYI. But when the guy on the treadmill doesn’t know what you’re singing it can get awkward especially because they’re a little young for remembering Jagged Little Pill. Which is a damn shame.

But it’s not all angry. I’ve got some random ass shit on my iPod, case and point: Josie and the Pussycats the soundtrack. You remember the live action version of Josie and the Pussycats from 2001, right?HRD-josie-and-the-pussycats

OF COURSE YOU DON’T BECAUSE IT WAS A TERRIBLE MOVIE, Tara Reid’s excellent acting notwithstanding. Actually, I take that back, I kinda like the movie. It was all about boy bands and commercialization and high school me had a good chuckle at how it poked fun at bands like *NSYNC, whom I now defend against anyone who tries to tell me they’re not good. Best workout music ever, people.

Anyway, for some reason, 14 years after I saw this movie, I still have the soundtrack on iTunes. And I still listen to it. Because nobody rocks it like Dujour? Maybe? I can’t explain it, but I still listen to this album and have it on my iPod playlist. Also, I still want Rachel Leigh Cook’s hairstyle from this movie.

Go ahead, judge me, adult Nicole don’t give a shit.



11 thoughts on “Whatcha Listenin’ to?

  1. Dude, that was a GREAT movie. On par with the Spice Girls movie.

    I like listening to rap when I’m running. And pretending that I’m spitting out the lyrics. I get down with hand motions and everything.

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