NYC Marathon: Eh, I’m good.

1379738_10151678204257409_1572173773_nI thought I would see all the excitement over the NYC Marathon lottery this week and feel pangs of nostalgia, regret, and disappointment that I wasn’t running it this year despite having a guaranteed entry. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to discover that I felt no longing/desire to run NYC. In fact, the longer I think about not doing a marathon in the fall, the happier I am.

Moments I get really excited about not doing a fall marathon:

  • When I can stop running at 3 miles on a weeknight just because that’s enough
  • The realization that I won’t have to do long runs in August
  • No 6-10 mile runs on weeknights

Basically, I’m just really excited about not doing a marathon and on top of that, I genuinely didn’t like NYC when I ran it. As a marathon and runner, we didn’t get along and that’s not because I don’t love NYC (because I do) but… Eh. I loved running the Verranzano Bridge, and of course, the 59th Street Bridge with my marathon angel, but Marine Corps was better.

Maybe I’ve just been in DC too long?IMG_4559-0So good luck to everyone else running it, may you enjoy it a great deal more than I did.



3 thoughts on “NYC Marathon: Eh, I’m good.

  1. When you do it next year, you can count me in for Queens again…and I guess the bridge.

    It’s funny, but I’m with you. I know my experience was limited with this race, but even as a born and raised NYCer I have NO desire to ever do this marathon! Maybe…MAYBE someday (NOT THIS YEAR) you could talk me into Big Sur or Marine Corp, but NEVER NYCM! But that doesn’t mean you can’t find me in Queens cheering for those that are doing it! 🙂

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