Springing Forward (right into a wall)

IMG_5833Capital Crescent trail on Saturday had long stretches of ice/snow coverage. I know lots of people are total badasses and they will not be slowed down by ice patches like the one pictured on the left. Gonna tell you a little secret: I am not one of those people. Out on the trail these past few weeks, I felt like I should have a sign on the back of my shirt that said “CAUTION! WILL STOP AND WALK ON ICE PATCHES!” with a smaller disclaimer stating if you make some exasperated noise at my safety precautions I will laugh when you slip and fall. It will be loud, and I will point.

BUT DAYLIGHT SAVING HAPPENED! I’ve never been so excited to lose an hour on the weekends in my entire life. Sure, I wish the change happened at, say, 4 pm on a Friday instead but whatever I’ll take it!

The Potomac still has a fair bit of ice on top, but I spent a good 15 minutes being mesmerized watching it start to break apart and melt while I was out for a run on Sunday. It was amazing the way chunks would just sink into the water. It was quite literally like watching winter die by drowning in its own frozen, icy depths. This also, naturally, made me think of Titanic.

IMG_5834 Along with winter’s death comes warmer temps, no ice on the trails, enough daylight to get in a good outdoor run after work, and the start of #BlossomWatch2015 in DC. Unfortunately, an avoidable part of blossom watch is, of course, allergy season. May God have mercy on our sinuses.

Anyone else really excited for spring?


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