Spring in my step

IMG_5858I always know it’s going to be a good run when “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen starts playing in my head while I’m out for a run. After being stuck in a windowless office for most of the week and missing the beautiful weather we’re having in DC, I finally got out for a run tonight and it was nothing short of amazing.

IMG_5855I would say it was a great run because of pace, but honestly this was just one of those runs that was amazing because it was just really nice to be outside with the beautiful weather, and back on more scenic runs. Also, there were so many other people out running I couldn’t help myself I kept racing people. I have now developed the habit of pretending to cast a fishing line and reeling people in as I run. Yup.

It just felt so good to be outside and see the sun setting over the Potomac. DAYLIGHT. Ah. It was just hands down amazing. Never really thought of myself as an outdoorsy person but now I just love being outside in the really great weather. Even sometimes in the crappy weather, too.

Oh, and 11 days to the start of rowing season.

How’s spring treating everyone?


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