4 Courts 4 Miler

There are some runners!

There are some runners!

There are two races I know of in DC this weekend: the 4 Courts 4 Miler (which is technically in Arlington, VA but those people say they’re from DC) and then there’s the Rock n Roll DC half marathon/marathon. Both are on Saturday, which to me is weird because while the 4 Courts 4 Miler is at least a predominantly local race with pick up available that morning before the race, you’d think the Rock n Roll people would at least get a Saturday to pick up their bib.

I’ve watched the Rock’n’Roll race and I have no desire to run any of their races. Don’t ask me why, perhaps it’s just petty stupidity but there’s something about the Rock n Roll races that just does not appeal to me. The course itself, though, is actually really unique in that it doesn’t do the usual tour around the mall and you actually run through residential neighborhoods where people who are not the president lives. (I mean, on all the courses you run past where I live because

RnR 2013

RnR 2013

I’m just that awesome, but you know…)

Anyway, the upside is a new course unfamiliar to local runners the downside is hills. Nice, steep uphill. We’re not San Francisco, but we do love a nice hill in DC.

Since I’ll be at the 4 Courts 4 Miler in the morning and thus missing out on the Rock n Roll race spectating I usually do on Saturday, good luck runners!

OH, and while we’re talking about local DC races, just in case you didn’t realize….

and they're off. . .

and they’re off. . .


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