mASS transit

20140421-091047.jpgIt’s not a secret that WMATA, the mass transit provider in the DC metro area (DC/MD/VA) sucks.  People die on WMATA in train crashes, from smoke inhalation from being stuck on a train filled with smoke for an hour.  Oh, and that’s when the death trap that is WMATA trains actually run.  If you’re a runner and you want to participate in local DC area races but don’t want to drive there, FYI, WMATA isn’t opening early for 99% of DC races, and is ill equipped the handle the crush of the post-Marine Corps Marathon crowd.

So basically, I hope you like a really high cab bill. (But FYI, cabs in DC suck pretty bad, too.)

I’ve started toying with the idea of joining an evening rowing club, except I a) don’t work near a metro station and b) the boathouse is nowhere near a metro so getting there after work is proving somewhat problematic.

OH WAIT, I know a reliable method of transportation that’s not a car OR mass transit: MY FEET.

You guys, I’ve been training for this for the last 3 years: run-muting, or “rummuting” if you can get some rum involved.  Looking at it critically and as a person who lives a car-less existence, it’s almost kind of funny how I just never thought of running as a method of transportation, as a practical way to get from point a to point b. I mean, think about it–I need to get 5 miles from work to the boathouse and I run more or less 5 miles in the evening anyway. What if I didn’t go home first? What if just getting home was mile 1?!

WHAT IF I RAN FROM ONE POINT TO ANOTHER AND IT WASN’T AN ACTUAL RACE BUT MY RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK WAS THAT I HAD TO SHOW UP SOMEWHERE ON TIME?! I see a lot of people running their commute and DC (while noticeably stodgy and unhip) has a pretty solid proportion of “alternative” commuters who bike or run to work.  It’s not uncommon to see people where I work walking around in their bike outfits in the mornings/evenings (and sometimes you’re sad you can’t unsee that).  And dare I say that I, too, have biked my commute when I don’t walk it.

So yeah, my mind was just blown and I’m planning on doing this next week to test it out–running as transportation.

So how about it, would you run your commute?



5 thoughts on “mASS transit

  1. I would run my commute…except that would be me doing the equivalent of a marathon everyday. EVERY DAY. I WOULD ride my bike, except, yeah 59th street bridge, NO. Plus ever since reading The Long Run (which is a great motivational book), I’m terrified to ride my bike in Manhattan, bike lanes be damned!

    But that’s an awesome idea Nicole! And I am jealous of your ability to do it! 🙂

  2. I’m with Kellie. I live to far from my office to run there. However, we’re hoping to move back into town once Ben gets a job (hurry up, Ben!), so I will hopefully be able to walk/bike/run again soon.

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