It’s Official: I’m a Disney Vacation Club Member

I spent a pretty substantial amount of time debating whether or not I wanted to join the Disney Vacation Club.  Part of the impetus behind joining was actually runDisney weekends combined with a declining availability for room only discounts, increasing overall room prices, and a declining availability of rooms at the hotels where I prefer to stay.  Coincidentally, as luck would have it, my favorite Disney hotel is also a Disney Vacation Club hotel.

So it is with great excitement that I announce: I now own the Boardwalk!

DSCN0232I ended up purchasing my points secondhand through a dealer. The whole process was done via email, it was quick and easy.  I decided how many points I wanted based on what I would need to cover my marathon weekend (well, now I guess it’s more like a week) trip: I have enough to get a one bedroom villa for an entire week.  The funny thing is, I ended up getting a studio for marathon weekend and had enough points leftover to get a room for Wine & Dine, too! IMG_5876

The downside/learning curve to this process has been that if I don’t book when my window opens for those weekends, pickings are pretty slim. In fact, for Wine & Dine I tried booking and my home hotel is full.  By the time the window opened for booking another resort, I couldn’t get a Friday night studio anywhere. As of now, I’ve got a one bedroom in Old Key West with the understanding that, yeah, I’m going to have figure out race transportation since it’s not a host resort but I’ve never stayed there so I’m actually pretty excited about it all in all and I’ve waitlisted myself at the Polynesian!!!

So here’s to many more years of schlepping from the finish line back to my room at the Boardwalk after a stop at Margarita Joe’s with a Mickey pretzel in one hand and a diet coke in the other, and waking up on non-race mornings to my buddy the giant swan in the distance. IMG_5675


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