Dopey: The Third One

IMG_5443It’s official: I shall once again be reprising my role as a really, really dumb runner in January 2016 for my third consecutive Dopey Challenge.

Maybe it’s an illness.  Maybe it’s just stupidity.  It’s like they’ve perfectly timed it so that by the time I forget how much I hated it in January, it’s time to sign up again, just the right amount of lag time.  I don’t know.  I’m marathoning alone this year, though, so please feel free in helping me heap guilt on Kellie.  It’s ok, we have the same mom, so I know she can handle it. IMG_5463I will also be staying as a DVC member in 2016! So if you’re running the 10k and you pass through the Boardwalk I will chase after you yelling “Get off my damn lawn, you no good deadbeat runners!”

Anyone else returning for Marathon Weekend 2016?


9 thoughts on “Dopey: The Third One

  1. Guilt away! Until my bank account and vacation time allows for this, I don’t think I can cave on registering for this one…BUT WE’LL STILL HAVE MCM (right?)! And I PROMISE Dopey 2018! Plus I can facetime with you the whole marathon if you want…or just put me on speaker phone and I will sing 🙂

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