WTF Friday: It’s Real.

I know I’m not supposed to say this because, feminism, and shit but it’s real, ok. PMS is real and if I’m acting like I’m going to kill you in about five seconds, I suggest you just back slowly away from me because the words coming out of my mouth are only going to stab you like a sharpened dagger.

A friend helpfully suggested that I go for a run to alleviate the bitchy mood I was feeling. “It’ll make you so much happier! It helps me all the time!” Fortunately, this was via text message so she could not see my reaction to what she was saying. I didn’t have a mirror but I’m picturing a mix between this…IMG_6088

and this… IMG_6128




with this thrown in for good measure:IMG_6011I can’t explain it, but I will say the following: men, you have no idea how fucking lucky you are.


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