Long Short Story

It’s no secret that I envy women who can wear regular running shorts or any shorts for that matter.  As the temperature rises and the predicted highs are in the 80s for DC this week, so too does my anger that I cannot participate in the loose, light, short shorts choices that others have.  I don’t have my thighs for always sticking together, I hate clothing designers for being unable to come up with something that could work for me.

Chafing is a reality for some of us, no matter what any stupid moron twig working at lululemon tells you, ladies.

I’ve gone out there trying to find good shorts, I’ve been the person at each crosswalk who has to stop and pick their shorts from their crotch so that hopefully you can benefit from my experience and spare yourself the same irritation. Here are the shorts options I’ve come up with over the last few years…

IMG_6323The ever true sparkle skirt. The shorts underneath here are as short as I can go and they haven’t failed me yet. The pockets are great, too, and all around it’s a cute option. I love these and will be spending my entire summer in them, most likely.

IMG_6322The thing about Sparkle Skirts, though, is that I can’t row in them and they are expensive. Sometimes, I try to find alternatives, ideally with a 7″ inseam, but guess what? NO ONE WANTS TO MAKE SHORTS WITH A SLIGHTLY LONGER INSEAM (FYI, I’m 5’4″ so sometimes getting the “tall” size helps fix this). Top left: Target, C9, $19.99ish. They’re cotton-y, light, no pockets, but… they do the job. Top right: Danskin, TJ MAxx, $7.99. Same as Target, pretty much, with a slightly more crappy cotton.

Bottom left: Athleta. I actually kinda love these shorts. I think they were called the “presto” shorts and no longer show up on the website (I bought them back in April/March last year). Side pockets, nice fabric, all around keepers.

Bottom right: My least favorite of the shorts, these are from Moving Comfort and their website indicates that they no longer make shorts. For good reason, these are an annoying spandex material with a lot of seams that pester me and they just feel tight and hot and annoying on humid days.

IMG_6324The closest I’ve gotten to regular running shorts: the Roga from oiselle. The mint green ones are Roga Long, with more inseam. I got this pair from Running Warehouse for $15 on clearance and I actually kinda love them. 75% of the time, I wear them on the erg or to row, but runs under 4 miles they’ll… pass. Not great, but better than everything else. Below that are the regular roga without the extended inseam. The dark blue are the “regular” roga without the extra inches in the inseam and these are strictly no-running shorts.


9 thoughts on “Long Short Story

  1. I feel your pain. I wear those Nike tempo shorts all summer, but not to run in. Just… No. I am currently still wearing my Nike filament capris but as this is Texas, it won’t be long before I switch to the shorts version of those. I have a couple of Athleta skirts that look cute, but the shorts underneath aren’t quite long enough. Good only for shorter runs. Still searching for The Perfect Shorts too.

  2. I’ve been kind of stalking on the blog for a couple months now (you’ve seriously made me laugh so hard I’ve cried a couple times!) and just did the Expedition Everest Challenge last weekend (the plan is to do princess next Feb as my first half!) I got down to Orlando and I realized I forgot to bring shorts for under my running skirt. I had to buy some from the men’s section at Walmart to get them long enough to prevent thigh chafing! Ugh!

      • I was pretty nervous about the humidity (I’m in colorado so it’s pretty dry, but the lower elevation works in my favor), but I hit the weather jackpot! It was pretty much perfect for running. I really liked it. It seems like they don’t put nearly as much promotion and effort into this event as the others but I was psyched to get the medal before it disappeared. And I’m super excited for princess! I’m planning a 10k in a few weeks so I’m not defaulted into the last corral 🙂

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