Good Value, Bad Value

As I look around on the trails and sidewalks of Washington, In the spirit of talking about shorts, I figured I would list out the top 3 greatest and worst things I purchased relating to running. FYI, even my top 3 greats I never pay retail for, EVER.

#1: My Sneakers. $80 on sale. 20140608-190559.jpgYOU CAN SKIMP ON EVERYTHING ELSE BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD (AND YOUR LEGS/KNEES/ASS/BACK) DON’T FUCKING SKIMP ON YOUR SHOES.Β  You save money on sneakers by buying them November-January (they’re like cars, new models come out at the end of the year), you can save money with coupons and frequent buyer programs, but seriously get shoes that fit you and don’t cause you pain. And your relationship with your sneakers should be like your relationship with people: when it’s time to let go, just let go.

#2: Socks.

Socks, man. You getting a shit ton of blisters? Your shoes feeling weird suddenly? SOCKS. I have different long run socks from short run socks. I like snug socks that are paper thin, no added cushioning. And oh yeah, those tab things at the back so my ankle doesn’t rub the back of the shoe? THAT’S GOLD RIGHT THERE.

#3: Races. IMG_2662

I am not competitive in races. I will never win a race and honestly I don’t even necessarily train very hard for races. You don’t have to ever participate in a race to be a runner, but I swear that running Disney races in particular has given me a lot of really great memories (and some delightful new friends) that I wouldn’t trade for anything.Β  I also credit the Disneyland Half Marathon of 2012 with being the reason I was able to get through my first summer as a runner.

Worst values…

#1: Garmin/GPS watch.

20140615-084856.jpgYou’re like, “WHAT? How’s that a BAD value?!” It’s a double edged sword. It’s great for long runs, but I think also sometimes I get way too caught up in the Garmin. I got through my first half marathon without one, so you can run without it. Dare I say, you can downright enjoy running without one. BUT SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE THE WATCH WEARS ME AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING? It’s the proverbial monkey on my back. Anyway.

#2: runDisney Race Jacket.

IMG_5692I will never buy another one of these again. I got the glass slipper one because I liked the back. The quality is incredibly shitty and it was the same price as the really nice, expensive Brooks ones that were being sold at the Marine Corps Marathon.Β  I really, really dislike them over all (the zipper’s broken already on mine) and honestly, if I were Champion, once again I’d be ashamed to have such a crappy product out for sale.

#3: Runner “fuel” IMG_5163

I’ve never been big on it, ever. I tried it for my first half and since then I just eat regular food (Marine Corps Marathon 2013: Brought to you by Swedish Fish) if I eat at all, which is pretty rare. (Side note: I definitely run better when I’ve eaten, though, so don’t listen to me.) The message of this is: you don’t have to buy shitty fake fuel just because it’s marketed to runners.

Your turn: best/worst running values?


11 thoughts on “Good Value, Bad Value

  1. Best value – my sparkle skirt. Yeah, I paid more for the actual skirt but I saved so much in not having to buy body glide and lots of bandages for bad chafing. I had been having some really bad issues, especially the race where the crotch seam busted mid race (could barely walk after that one) and haven’t had an issue since switching over. If one could put a price on pain, I’ve saved millions!

  2. Definitely agree on the running “fuel”. Those “Chomps” bites taste like snot. GU is downright terrible as well. You’d be better off just eating candy. I also just bought one of those Flip belts that everyone is raving about. It pretty much sucks. Best value: a $5 bandanna that you can freeze.

  3. I’m sorry your jacket was a bust (although I am glad now I was able to resist the urge to buy it). I’ve (knock wood) actually never had any issues with my run Disney jackets and am actually wearing my Princess 2012 one right now. But, I think like the other race merchandise (hello cheap undershirt material “I did it” shirts) as the RunDisney monster gets larger they realize they can get away with crappier and crappier merchandise.

  4. I’m so with you on a lot of these. I never have ever fuelled…I think the idea is rather preposterous that you need it to run. esp. for half distances.

    I didn’t get a Garmin until I had been running about 6 years. And you are right–totally a double edged sword. It allowed me to become faster and more performance focused, but I’ve become a slave to it, running based on pace, rather than feel…making for some miserable feeling runs that otherwise might’ve been great had I not worried about my pace.

  5. best:1. garmin forerunner 10 πŸ˜€ Love it. Need it. Of course I can run without it, but boy does it make my life easier when it comes to training for the distance. I do not use phone-apps etc.
    2. moisture wicking tops. love them. use them.
    3. my asics πŸ˜€

    worst: I guess I have yet to discover that πŸ˜€ after all I am a runner only since Sept.2014 πŸ˜€

  6. I’m thinking Kellie’s gummy bears are going to work just as well as the Honey Stingers or Sport Beans. Especially if I soak them in vodka first. At least any residual knee pain might be lessened. (Hmmmm…..might be on to something there…..)

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