Priorities & Planning or the Secret of the Marathon

It was 85 degrees on Sunday. One 4 mile run and I was like, “you know what, that fall marathon really was a really, really bad idea.”

When you’re thinking about a marathon, the question you should ask yourself is not “can I do a marathon” but rather “is there anything else I’d rather do”. Because here’s the truth: marathons are doable, they just suck out your soul and leave you a hollow, empty vessel who’s hangry all the time and wants to go to bed at 6 pm. IMG_6128Ok, so that’s me on a good day without a marathon training plan, but even more so getting to a marathon.

When I first moved to DC and I was new in town and didn’t know anyone and was just trying not to freak out over minor insignificant things while singing “all by myself” as I sat in my apartment, marathon training was great. Anxiety managed, new city seen. Boom. Done. But now…

Oh yeah, I’d love to go to a Nationals game with friends.
What’s that? Happy hour? Cool!
Oh look, a spin class! That sounds like fun! I wanna go row!
MY DVR IS AT 95%! I gotta call out sick today.

And then you have that realization: oh, wait, I have to run.

Sometimes with blogs you can forget that, like, I don’t know, running/training/working out/being “healthy” is their business, their brand, it’s how they make their money. I make my money in an office job that’s like, “Work life balance? HAHAHAHA! No, you’re gonna have to stay til 7 pm.” Add to that, fall marathons mean summer long runs. You know what that means? Hey, cool, it’s Saturday but let’s get up at 5 am so we can get running while it’s still hot and 500% humidity but it’s 85 degrees instead of 95.

I started thinking about this when I saw a camel bak on sale at TJ Maxx and thought of summer long runs and was having palpitations just thinking about the long runs. All of this came into play this week when I started prepping for Marine Corps Marathon training. Do I want to PR? What plan am I using? How is rowing going to fit into this? How is rowing and coxing going to fit in? And television? And socializing on occasion? And what if I want to do something that’s not running, like a spin class? And how will all of this tie together for the third installment of the Dopey Challenge? HOW DO I GET 10 EXTRA NON-WORK HOURS INTO A WEEK DAY?

Disclaimer: I’m thinking about the marathon right now, but regardless it’s hard to fit running into life because there just ain’t enough time to get shit done.


10 thoughts on “Priorities & Planning or the Secret of the Marathon

  1. Wait…you’re considering a PR?!?! SO WE’RE NOT RUNNING TOGETHER?!?! Who will sing Golden Dreams with me?!?! …oh great, now I’m having palpitations!

    OK, seriously, you obviously don’t have to run with me, you run your kick ass race! 🙂

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