You know how you look at stuff and think, “ugh, how am I going to get there?” In DC, given how shitty Metro is (and people do actually die in Metro-related fatalities including collisions and passengers trapped in smoke filled cars), no matter how slow your pace is, sometimes you legitimately have to ask yourself if walking or running somewhere would actually be faster or at a minimum comparable to taking Metro.

Over the last month and a half, I’ve been run-muting from work to the boathouse where I row in the evenings. It’s the best of both worlds, I get to row and I don’t have to give up the benefits of my evening, post-work run. Here are some runmuting tips I’ve come up with over the last month…

IMG_6375Tip #1: Backpack.
I never use them. Having said that, when I started runmuting I needed somewhere to store a few things (wallet, keys, phone, etc.).  On a normal run, I wouldn’t take this stuff with me but coming from work I needed my wallet and I needed my work ID at a minimum, plus a water bottle. I got this one from REI on sale 2 months ago (it was $30 when I bought it).

Do I love running with a backpack? Hell no.
Do I love the convenience of it and manage to tolerate it? Yes.

Tip #2: Runmute home.
I probably wouldn’t run in to work. Granted, DC is a city filled with health nuts and it is not at all weird to see your colleagues in spandex at the office in the morning and evening, but for the sake of not being gross all day and a deeply held belief that communal showering with people you work with is just weird, I runmute in the evening. I also turned a bookcase into a closet so I can leave my work clothes at work.

I think I've got enough.

I think I’ve got enough.

Tip #3: Layer
Layering is really important, especially in the chillier months. I dressed for the run and packed extra layers in my backpack. When I got to the boathouse, I changed out base layers for something dry. Wind + cold + already sweaty = very unpleasant experience.

It’s worked out pretty well, I get my regular run in, and I get to the boathouse on time. The downside to runmuting when it comes to actually training for a race as opposed to just using your feet as a main method of transportation is that I’m not exactly varying my workouts.  There aren’t any speed work days (unless I’m running behind schedule), tempo runs, or hill repeats (unless you count running up Capitol Hill to get where I’m going). Also, on days when we need to do a harder workout in the boat or on the erg, I try to take the run a little easier and push it more on the days dedicated to drills but “pushing it” can be loosely interpreted.

Anyone else run as a means to get somewhere?


2 thoughts on “Run-muting

  1. I used to walk about 2 miles each way to and from work, but our new apartment is only about half a mile from my office, so it’s not exactly far enough to make a run worth it.

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