The runDisney Expo

You could go into the runDisney expos expecting to walk away with a lot of cute merchandise. You could write down a shopping list of the items you want that were featured on the Disney Parks Blog two days before the expo opens and then leisurely stroll into the merchandise area during said expo and pick up all the merchandise you wanted. You could lament that you’re going to lose a lot of money, but hey, you’re walking with lots of cute stuff.

Or you could live in reality. Below is a narrative of the experiences I have had at runDisney expos. . .

Oh wow, I’m so excited! This is going to be great! All the merchandise online looked amazing and it’s my first [5k, 10k, half, full, challenge]! I’m going to get everything! I know it’s really expensive but–

Wait. What the fuck is this. What is this line?

Follow the characters down for your number...

Follow the characters down for your number…

Shake it off! There’s a line! It’s Disney! It’s neat! It’s orderly! It’ll be fine.

[30 minutes later]  OK, so now this is kind of getting ridiculous. But whatever! I’m gonna get all the merchandise I want to once I get my number and get into that expo!

Look! Look at all the race merchandise! I’m getting one of everything!

SO many people.

Number Pick up

Number Pick up

Ok, so the register line is long. Ok, so there’s a line to get into the shopping area. NO BIG DEAL. I’VE BEEN WAITING ON LINES, IT’S DISNEY WORLD/LAND/UNIVERSE. THE LINE THING IT’S NORMAL.

Just going to get me this really cute tank to–oh, ok, only an xs left. Money saved! Let me pick up one of these jack–xxs left. Ok, so maybe this time, no jacket. Look, I’m save money! All the more to spend on this commemorative mag–oh, the race I’m doing is gone… Well, this is getting frustrating, but at least I still have this all cotton unisex t-shirt! XXXL, it’ll be great for pajamas!

Oh look, it’s one woman with every. single. shirt. in every. single. size. I’m not angry. I’m not going to yell at her. OH SERIOUSLY YOU’RE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD LIMIT?! WTF LADY!

shirts... everywhereMaybe I can get a head–nope, no headband. Hey maybe a–nope, none of those either. “What, sis? You want a wine glass? No, those are gone… Mugs? No, no mugs.”

It’s magical. It’s all magical. Every mile is fucking magical.


I’m going to go spend it on a drink at the Tiki Bar. Money well spent.



3 thoughts on “The runDisney Expo

  1. I don’t have any more patience for the ugliness of the Disney merchandise nonsense. People have this air of entitlement that they deserve to buy stuff and they get mad when other people got there first. It’s weird. If people stepped back and just thought about it, they’d see how ridiculous they’re being. Talk about first world problems…

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