A Friday Favorite

In the spirit of Friday being the defacto best day of a work week, I would like to pontificate about something I absolutely adore: the Disney 5k.

Is it insanely expensive? Yes.
Is it basically the most expensive 5k you could ever imagine? Yes.
Is it the race that I love more than anything else in the world? Hell yes.

The first year I ran a Disney World 5k was January 2013 when I was doing the marathon. It was an unexpected addition, back when the 5k took months to sell out and you could still sign up in like October.  My sister had already done the Jingle Jungle 5k in November when I ran Wine & Dine the first time.

It was humid. It was gross weather. But the sun rising over the World Showcase lagoon combined with the music being blasted and the relatively short distance made the 5k the most fun ever. Back then, it still wasn’t timed, so I stopped for pictures and I really enjoyed myself. I don’t think I can ever say I enjoy a 5k in any other capacity because I’m always pushing it in a 5k. Also, for the last 2 5ks I’ve run with other people and it’s been a great party. On top of that, because the race starts so early, I’m showered and ready to get breakfast by like 8 am.  Also, I think that 20th anniversary 5k medal from January 2013 is one of my favorite medals ever.

I’ve gotten two people who don’t run and aren’t really into runDisney to do 5ks with me.  Shortly after, my sister signed up for a half marathon and then did the 10k in January.  I also received a text message from the friend who ran the 5k with me in January this weekend after she did another 5k with her husband.  “OMG DISNEY WAS SO MUCH BETTER! IT’S NOT THE SAME!”

So if you’re on the fence and unsure if the cost is worth it, or if you feel like “it’s just a 5k,” or you aren’t excited about what my sister calls the “fridge magnet” medal, I will assure you that this is my favorite and I’m genuinely now sad and regretting not signing up for the 5k in Disneyland.  The one exception to this is the Jingle Jungle 5k because I can’t get up that early and still be up for Wine & Dine that night. Not happening.


3 thoughts on “A Friday Favorite

  1. I’m tempted to sign up for the 5K again GSC weekend, but without the Frozen theme, I don’t know if I want to do that early wake up call 3 days in a row that trip. So I’ll save it for Dopey probably, you know, because waking up 4 days in a row will go much easier lol

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