Race Week

In honor of the regatta I’m rowing in on Sunday, I’m dubbing this race week with posts on races each day.

5K Fireworks

5K Fireworks

From big ones to little ones, I’ve done a lot.

Races can be a lot of fun, but they also kind of be a terrifying experience, especially if you’re a newbie and have no idea what’s going on and even more so if you’re like me and have never really participated in a sporting even before so you’re even more like “WHAT’S GOING ON?!” Local races are great because they’re smaller, so in theory it’s less intimidating, less costly, and more familiar but then you realize it’s really hard to blend into the background, to not be the really noticeable straggler at the back of the pack. Eventually, you kind of start to hope for an age group award because no one from your age group shows up, but for that first one the fear is real.

Funny story: When we rowed Head of the Potomac last year, it was my first ever (rowing) race and I genuinely had no idea when the race started. I mean, we were lining up and suddenly we were rowing all 8 and I remember yelling: “OH MY GOD, IS THIS IT? ARE WE RACING?!” I was legitimately confused about whether or not the race had started.

And so, in honor of the fear and the excitement and the confusion, I hope you’ll join me for race week this week!


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