Race Week: Impromptu Throw Downs

Sometimes, the best race of all is the one that isn’t a formal race with numbers and timers.  Sometimes, the best race of all is the race where you’re just out for a run and you look to the side and see another runner and you think, “this is it, let’s throw down.”  The race is usually in your head, but when they decide to join in you just know it. You can tell.

And then it’s game on.

Maybe they annoyed the shit out of you by cutting you off and getting right in front of you.  If you’re gonna pass me, you gotta pass me all the way.  Or maybe you saw that they were racing you first, and you’ve been trapped in this leap frog pattern for the last half a mile. WHATEVER.  I did my fastest mile ever this way.  Some skinny blonde chick cut me off and I was like, “oh fuck no.” I slammed on the proverbial gas pedal and shot out in front of her. Yes, I almost vomited when it was all said and done, BUT I WON.




8 thoughts on “Race Week: Impromptu Throw Downs

  1. Hahahahah omg I totally just did this yesterday! Now, I’ve been in the situation where someone shoots ahead of me and I just have to pass them but I was on my recovery run and saw some woman running ahead. I was having trouble gaining on her so I just hit the “proverbial gas pedal”! It was recovery run turned race pace. Oops! There’s this one trail I run on and the cross country kids from the local college train on it. I always try to smoke the boys when I see them running there. Although, if they are running there they probably are doing recovery runs so me beating them isn’t all that impressive. Whatever. I still win. HA!

    • There are ALWAYS maximum bonus points for beating out anyone affiliated with a school cross country team! Always. “I see you have a cross country team shirt on, please excuse me because my life’s mission for the next 10 minutes is to pass you and leave you eating my dust.”

      When the mood strikes, you just gotta go for it. No regrets, no mercy!

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