Moments in Blogging

That moment when you realize that you’ll never be inspirational because the only major illness you have had to overcome was self-induced nausea from eating too many chocolate chip cookies at once at too old an age. It seems like everyone else is SURVIVING and you’re like, “good job, you got out of bed this morning.”

When you think about never having to talk about being one of those mommy runner people because you feel like your basil plant is just too needy and you only water that like once every other week and hope it comes back to life and if not eh whatever…

I’d blog about food but I always eat it before I can remember to take a picture and honestly, I can’t be bothered cooking.

Sometimes you find yourself wondering why isn’t my blog a career so I, too, can spend my entire day in workout clothes, eating frozen yogurt, and just hanging out instead of in my prison cell office?

How do these people run 10 miles and attend 3 intense workout classes and only eat a little shredded chicken on a baked potato and a watermelon? I mean, I watched Netflix for 2 hours and I was starving.

How are people getting these photos of them running? Do they force someone to stand there and photograph them? Is there a timer? If there’s a timer, aren’t they worried their phone will get stolen?

So many questions. Does anyone know the answers?


4 thoughts on “Moments in Blogging

  1. I’m so with you. How can I work from home (or not work at all), in yoga pants, on my couch, while eating ice cream (I do love me some fro-yo but if we are going to go for it here, I’m going for it)!

  2. This is why you’e blog is wonderful, it’s a welcome dose of what we’re all thinking but you just come out and blog about! ; )

    And yes, the pictures people post of them running all the time are hysterical to me. I’ll occasionally have my husband take a picture (not often), but I imagine people spend a lot (way too much!) time each run posing, setting timers and trying to capture the perfect shot! So don’t have time for that.

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