That time I got Burgled? Because Kim knows the law

Funny story–I got robbed on Friday.

I came home and was like, “huh, wait, something’s weird here… oh, wait, my laptop is… completely gone.” The thief got two laptops (work and personal) and some cash I kept in a tin. The things that really bother me about this are the following:

1. The cash was in a really cute Harrod’s tin I’ve had since 5th grade and I really, really liked the tin and cannot replace it.
2. They stole my work laptop, which creates a large hassle for me in terms of filling out even MORE forms about the theft.
3. All my pictures of my puppy who passed away were on the laptop

For the most part, it’s material stuff and kind of, you know, whatever, it’s gone. There’s insurance for that kind of stuff, there is not, however, insurance for knowing someone was in your home, going through your things and your personal space without your permission. Home is somewhere you feel secure, like this is my space. I have a hard time taking my bike out because I can’t just lock it up on a lamp post like some people do, so to now have that feeling in my home kinda sucks.


9 thoughts on “That time I got Burgled? Because Kim knows the law

  1. That’s a terrible feeling. And I know what you mean – I had my camera stolen from our vehicle and the camera could be replaced, but the pictures I had taken of my husband with his grandmother couldn’t. Sucks about the tin too, that would really bug me.

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