Why is it so hoooooot

IMG_6681I’m pretty sure you could hear my plaintive whining if you just paused for a second and listened. IT’S JUST SO GOD DAMN HOT. There was no spring. There was winter and then there was 90 degrees. DC became a hot, humid, disgusting hell hole before it was even June. Before June.

In the winter months, I think, “I wish the sun was out longer so I didn’t have to run in the dark! I miss the sunshine!

When it’s constantly in the 90s, at some point you’re supposed to adjust, right? Your body gets used to it. That’s a lie. Summer running never becomes enjoyable for me, I hate it. Why? I can’t wear cute, lightweight shorts like everybody else. I hate carrying around water like some kind of camel. I have to get up before 7 am on a weekend to go do a long run because otherwise I will just fall over and die half a mile into the run.

And I’m slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow in the summer. I mean, my speedy miles are about 5 minutes above where I’d like them to be because I feel like my face is on fire and I just mentally check out and then I get to the point where I’m like “I can’t even deal with this right now I am walking for the next 3 miles.”

IMG_6684For marathon training, though, I just ignore the pace. In fact, if I know the mileage of the route well enough, I just don’t even turn on my watch. You know why? Because summer running is really hard enough to start with and feeling like you’re running all out and you’re still not running the pace you want adds to your frustration and resentment.

And you just keep telling yourself how much you’ll appreciate this in the fall when Canada sends you a nice cold front on race day.

Who’s enjoying summer running? or has good reasons to enjoy summer running?



8 thoughts on “Why is it so hoooooot

  1. Sounds pretty much like my experience, except we get well into the 100s before summer is over. In October.

    I take solace knowing that when I show up in D.C. for the ATM and it’s like 50* at the start, I will automatically be faster because it’s pretty much the first time running below SURFACE OF THE SUN temps in six months. 😉

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