Lawyers Have Heart 10k: Am I done yet?

IMG_6698This weekend was the kind of weekend when you’re just happy ABC Family is showing Harry Potter movies and the Hallmark Movie Channel is marathoning Murder, She Wrote because it’s really just too disgusting to go outside.  Except, back when it was cold, I signed up for the Lawyers Have Heart 10k.  I’m usually out of town for this race, but since I wasn’t going to be this year I signed up way back when I was still ambitious and thought I would train hard for it and PR since I wasn’t running a half marathon.

And then, you know, I forgot all about that goal.

I was ready to drop this race like a hot potato in favor of the Schuylkill Navy Regatta in Philadelphia but I was too sucky to row that race and so I stood face to face with my back up.  I suspect on some level this race knew it wasn’t my first choice, that its mentality was “fine, bitch, you don’t want me? Suddenly you’re too good for running? HA. I’ll show you.”

You know it’s going to be a good race when you’re sweating and you didn’t even get to packet pick up yet.

IMG_6693It was all so easy, the hardest part was the run itself. By mile 2, I was over this shit. On paper, it’s flat, in reality, it’s “let’s take every tunnel/overpass we can!” that reminds you why people hate lawyers.  A lot of people in race recaps list out what why the run went so poorly. I’ll spare you this trip into my psyche because my running’s been shit for over a year now with no actual official PR. It was hot, so hot. I don’t usually stop for water, but I stopped at both water stops (because there were only 2 and maybe they could’ve used more on the 10k course). And yes, I know “badass, beast mode” runners run in weather much hotter and more humid than this was but I was kind of over giving a shit about that.

Also, if I ever start referring to myself as being in “beast mode” please just shoot me.

Since lawyers put on the race and lawyers have money, I had high expectations for post-race refreshments only to discover they kind of sucked. There were make your own snow cones that were simply not acceptable. Beyond that, I was unimpressed.  I could’ve bought a discounted brunch ticket when I registered at Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers on the Waterfront but after a race I want someone to hand me a Rita’s ice and a Philly pretzel so all in all, I was not amazed. The bar was set high by one local 5k, ok, I got standards now and a shit snow cone ain’t gonna cut it. IMG_6699So, all in all, would I run it again? For ease and convenience, yeah, probably I’d do it again if I didn’t have better plans but was I amazed and dazzled by this race? Not in the least.

What’s your deal breaker temperature for racing?



8 thoughts on “Lawyers Have Heart 10k: Am I done yet?

  1. I hate super sweaty, humid races! I don’t really have a breaking point, although I did skip one when it was going to be in the negative temps. Although, looking back, I think I just skipped it because I wasn’t ready for a 1/2 at the time. Btw, you make me laugh and I always identify with what you write!

  2. I agree with everything you said! Too hot, not enough water, and the post-race refreshments were lacking. Also, the start was was too crowded (what’s with the spectators’ seating and post-race medal tables in the starters’ corrals?). It was my slowest race ever. But I agree, it does suck a little to rant so much. And I do hope the race raised lots of money for the cause.

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