Marine Corps Marathon: Let the training begin

It feels like October is a year away, but in reality it’s only less than 4 months away and so the training for the Marine Corps Marathon started today. I’ve been seeing online that people started training for Dopey in January, which sounds moderately insane to me but realistically I guess since I run a fall marathon to prep for January I’m basically doing the same thing? Picture 9

This time, I’m returning to my Hal Higdon plan from when I ran Marine Corps the first time with a few modifications (like starting earlier) to accommodate a busy schedule in the fall–like a trip to Disneyland for the Dumbo Double Dare, my sister’s wedding, and head race season for my rowing team. I don’t do things like pay for plans or coaches because uh why not just use what’s free online? Exactly. I’m that person.

Monday was technically, I guess, the “first day” of the plan since I ran to the boathouse like normal but last night I headed out for Just A Run because I was training for the marathon. No rowing, no weight lifting, 601354_334170660050849_1258072266_nJust A Run. It was delightful to run without a backpack, or a place to be at a certain time, and on a different route that I didn’t have to stop every block for traffic lights.

I changed things up a little bit and instead of running 3 miles like it was written in the plan, I did mile repeats. I would say this came from a desire to do speed work, but that’s a lie. It was because I could get about a mile before my shorts had ridden up so much and my thighs had chafed so much that I couldn’t quite bear to continue running without a wedgie stop. “And will not chafe or ride up as you log your miles,” they said. LIES.

Yeah, that’s right, ’cause it’s always nice to be the person picking their shorts out of their crotch.

After the runs I’ve been having, though, it was nice (mentally) to see I could run a faster pace even if it left me wanting to fall over and die after each mile. But that’s the idea, right? To feel like you’re going to fall over dead only you don’t! Surprise!

Anyone else start training? Favorite plans?


13 thoughts on “Marine Corps Marathon: Let the training begin

  1. I haven’t picked a fall marathon yet or even a 1/2. I have a 1/2 next weekend that I am essentially going to crawl through so when I get back from vacation I plan on figuring something out. I usually only follow through on a plan about 69% so we’ll see!

  2. I am SO that person who is always picking their shorts out of their crotches–that is why I wear tights…even in ridiculous heat.

    Also, wanting to fall over and die after a mile for mile repeats is definitely the point. 🙂 Congrats sweets!

  3. My favorite plans are from Hal Higdon as well. I’ve been thinking of entering the lottery for the MCM for next year, but I have no idea what to expect. But it is on my bucket list.

  4. Wearing shorts while running? What’s that? My MCM training plan doesn’t start until 7/7…which I’m hoping will help me achieve my goal of NOT having an emotional breakdown in the the WWoS equivalent of DC and NOT slowing you down my more than 2 minutes per mile off your usual marathon pace. Fingers crossed!

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