Best Part of a Summer Run

The absolute best part of the summer run (aside from, you know, being done) is the post-run shower. I, personally, look like I just took a shower when the run is done, hence why people in my building always ask me how I liked the pool after I come back from a run.  It could be potentially kind of gross and nasty to tell them “oh no, this is all sweat, not pool water” but I’ve gotten over it.

And the best part is the shower that leaves me smelling like Herbal Essences.IMG_6754

You might think this is a sponsored post by Herbal Essences but it’s not, it’s sponsored by the 1990s. Herbal Essences is, for me, nostalgia in the shower. I go for a run, I come back and shower and it’s as though I’m transported back in time.  I expect that Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Felicity will be airing a new episode when I get out. I’m ready to put on my jelly shoes, my urban decay nail polish rings, and a dress I ordered from Delia*s. That everyone will be saying how that band Bush is just so awesome while MTV shows music videos.

I’ve always been Old For My Age. Watching the Price is Right, Days of Our Lives, Murder, She Wrote, and Matlock. I hung out with the adults at parties instead of the kids. Except now I’m apparently actually old to high school and college age kids. A few college kids interning in DC for the summer have shown up at our boathouse and one of them said to me, “Well, I’m sure back in your day…”

Excuse me, back in my day? I stared at her for a second then said, “‘Back in my day?’ I’m sorry, I played Oregon Trail on the computer, sweetie, I didn’t actually traverse it myself in a covered wagon.” The member of my party who died from dysentery was imaginary, not real. I forded no actual rivers. WE HAD THE INTERNET… for most of my childhood, anyway.  Last night, she was asking me about a show called One Tree Hill that she had just discovered on Netflix. “I know it’s really old and everything…” I informed her that I had last seen it when it was airing new episodes.  I blew her mind even further and said she should The OC and Dawson’s Creek to the list.  She was unaware of the original 90210.  I felt compelled to tell her “You know what, just come over one weekend and I’ll run through the good ones with you because you’re killing me, Smalls.

She wanted to know who Smalls is.

Anyone else have nostalgia fragrances?


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