The reason for early mornings

People think you run early in the morning in the summer to avoid the heat, which is kinda true.  It’s hotter at midday than it is (typically) at 5 am. But why? I run in the morning because: sun.

IMG_6778God damn,  motherfucking sun.

Did you ever learn in science about how one day the sun is going to get so hot that it basically dries up all the water on Earth and kills everything?  And you find that mildly terrifying so you convince to either think it’s not going to happen and conveniently forget about it? Except then summer rolls around and you’re like, “oh god, it’s happening, isn’t it? THIS IS IT!” That’s just me? Ok then.

But seriously, when summer running the reason I either get up early or go out late is because shade makes a huge difference when I’m out running. You can wear hats and visors all you want, but what it comes down to is avoiding the sun and that’s a lot harder to do between 10 am and 4 pm than it is at 6 am or 7 pm.  I always forget this lesson during the first few weeks of summer marathon training. Always. Then I realize after 3ish bad long runs, “ok, so maybe I should find a shady place and go earlier in the morning…”

It’s good to pick a place with lots of shade. If you have the two options above in the summer, which one would you choose: the area with lots of trees that’s shady and overcast, or that field with no shade at all? Note how the runners congregate underneath the tree in the second photo. Just consider this past weekend one of those learning curve weekends.

Summer long running: Does anyone actually enjoy it?


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