Strike a Pose

Instagram is a beautiful way to see the world, but I think we can all agree runners have their own little photo genres, tropes if you will.  I shall begin what I envision as a recurring series today entitled, “Strike a Pose: Running Photographs We’ve Seen 1 Million Times”

The Post-Workout Watch Shot20140615-084856.jpgThe run wasn’t done unless there’s a watch shot to prove it. The post-run watch shot is great for humble bragging about your pace or distance or BOTH. Even better, for people who don’t do rudimentary math you can take a shot of your watch with that really fast pace on the bottom (you know, when you sprint to the end of the mile and end up like 5 minutes faster than anything you can actually run) and trick people into thinking for your last mile, you ran a 6 minute pace.  Sure, my watch probably malfunctioned when that time displayed, but at the time I clicked over to the next mile my Garmin says I was doing a lightning fast mile and I’m going to roll with it.

Alternative to the watch shot: the treadmill dashboard shot.


3 thoughts on “Strike a Pose

  1. The ONLY time I have ever done this was for my 16 miler (as it was the longest distance I ever did) and I made sure to block my pace because it was slow and sucked and yeah that’s why I never post those photos because I fear the people who can do running math…”what? you ran Goofy? That’s amazing! Oh wait…that was you pace? Well hell, I can do that! I thought you were a runner!”

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