The Thaw: Princess Weekend Part 2

IMG_5692I did it, I registered for the Glass Slipper Challenge in 2016 last week.  I had nothing better to do and free wifi at the hospital, so I figured, “what the hell!” My sister was shocked to learn that the Glass Slipper Challenge pre-sale for annual passholders and DVC members had sold out in less than 4 minutes since she was hoping (debating?) to register.  “I told you not to go to the bathroom,” I chastised.  She’s debating registering during the regular registration period on July 14th.

I completely blame my Princess repeat on Kellie, Lisa, and Kim. If they hadn’t made it so damn fun the last time I probably wouldn’t be going again now that it’s not even Frozen themed. This year I had planned to repeat what I did last year, flying down to see my parents on the west coast and then a family drive up to Disney World for the race.  My dad’s health means no one wants to commit to going except my sister, so the whole “family reunion” angle is kind of lacking as of right now but I’m cautiously optimistic we’ll reclaim it.

Honestly, Princess gets a pretty bad reputation and I’m not sure why. I found it to be very pleasant and enjoyable last year. No bitchy women on the course and running all the races with friends made it a really fun and I dare say downright enjoyable half marathon.


9 thoughts on “The Thaw: Princess Weekend Part 2

  1. Princess is where the party is at! You think it was fun with me, wait until you run the 10K with Doug and start yelling “DAMMIT DOUG HAVE FUN! STOP AND TAKE PICTURES WITH THE CHARACTERS AND SMILE IF IT KILLS YOU!”

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