Marine Corps Marathon: 4 weeks down

Picture 9I am now 4 weeks into my Marine Corps Marathon training and 2 weeks into the month of July.

I’ve finally accepted that it is summer and it is hot.

This means I’ve made changes to how I’m training and when I’m running to accommodate the heat and try to not kill myself in the process of getting ready for Marine Corps Marathon in the fall and thus WDW Marathon in January.

Picture 1First change: Drinking more water.
I have taken to filling up a giant cup of water each morning at work and drinking 1-2 bottles of water after every run because I sweat a lot when I do just about anything when it’s warm outside. Also, after running from work to the boathouse then going out on the water for 90 minutes, I realized that I could not go that long working out and not drinking water. Everyone would look at me, water bottle less, and say, “uh, what the fuck is wrong with you?” I’m stupid, that’s what’s wrong with me.

IMG_6684Second change: Run time.
I am avoiding running to the boathouse more and more lately by shifting my runs to the morning.  It’s still humid and it’s still gross, but I can at least go home afterwards, cool off, drink lots of water, and eat breakfast afterwards. I still hate morning runs but I’m learning to tolerate it. #EveningRunner4Life  I moved my 11 mile long run last week to Friday night and it was glorious. I had to get up early to volunteer at a rowing club race the next day, but there was no better feeling that having it get progressively cooler and less sunny as the run went on except perhaps for waking up late on Sunday morning knowing I didn’t have to go out and do a long run. That was pretty awesome.

Third change: Tweaking the plan.
I never tamper with running plans and always do them as they are laid out and am still trying to find a balance between being adequately prepared for the marathon and training hard and being able to do other shit.  This time, to accommodate the heat and rowing, instead of running all the miles, I’ve subbed in an erg workout where I row one of the runs. It works out pretty well since head race season (where the races are longer) starts in September so I feel like I’m getting a double benefit (plus I find the erg more tolerable than the treadmill). I probably won’t erg the longer run every week, especially when fall rolls around and it’s cooler out but for right now it’s great.

So, how are we all accommodating summer in our summer running plans?


5 thoughts on “Marine Corps Marathon: 4 weeks down

  1. I am now in the second week of training for MCM and by training I mean I have the plan written down and it says I should be running, but I’m not. This is gonna be ugly.

  2. Mostly, during summer running, I remind myself to “be kind to myself” – it’s my mantra. Meaning if the pace isn’t happening, don’t force it. It’s already hot and humid – a challenge in itself!

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