Medal Time

The medals were recently unveiled for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend and all them will be nothing like any of the medals currently adorning the temporary hooks in my apartment. IMG_6869I am, however, really, really happy that I did the half marathon when they were still offering the medal in the shape of the Disneyland D because I love the kitschy, retro look of that medal and it’s one of my favorites aesthetically.IMG_6890

The Disneyland Half Marathon medal was my first from runDisney.  I loved that medal and actually when I took a nap after the race I slept with my medal on and refused to take it off. We went on Big Thunder Mountain together. We cruised the park and we enjoyed being congratulated and congratulating others on their half marathons. This was essentially living the Disney Running Dream, I was participating in the excitement I’d seen second hand at Disney World during marathon weekend the last 3ish years.

Strangely enough, medals from other races do not get me all misty eyed and excited like my Disney ones.  Marine Corps Marathon stands as my PR in the marathon and I don’t look at that one at all, and my Nike Women’s Half Marathon (also my PR race) Tiffany necklaces have actually been donated. But the thought of parting with my Disney ones is just too much, I can’t do it.

My most precious medal is my 20th Anniversary Marathon Medal. IMG_6877Remember when they had the whole summer long search for the medal because Donald had stolen it and Jeff Galloway had to find it or something? I do and I remember printing out a picture of the medal when it was revealed and putting it on my fridge and after I checked off each training run on my training plan by putting a smiley face sticker on it, I would look at that picture and be really excited and say “this is it! This is going to be mine!” I also really badly wanted to know what was going to be at mile 20. Well, at least the medal didn’t disappoint.

IMG_6882There’s something about this medal, though. I’ve subsequently “earned” medals by actually, you know, winning and I have to say, my Disney ones are still my absolute favorites. I don’t attach too much sentimental/emotional value to those medals from the two rowing races we’ve won this summer.

Personally, I’m really excited to be adding the Dumbo Double Dare medal to my collection, as well as another big milestone anniversary medal. If it’s half as delightful as my 20th anniversary marathon medal, I’ll be quite pleased.

Medals: Have a favorite? Don’t care about them?


4 thoughts on “Medal Time

  1. Who does like medals? I guess my favorite is actually a piece of a tree. For finishing my one and only 50K so far we got to pick out our own little tree sliver. Then some local kid branded it with the distance at a fire they had going at the finish area. that was pretty cool.

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