Oh right, fall marathons are bad ideas

This is my third year of training for a fall marathon and you’d think I would know better by now.

Every summer I tell myself, “oh, summer’s just really hot this year” or “summer was just really hot that year.”  Reality: summer’s really hot every year. It’s summer.

Every year I say, “I’m going to get one of those backpacks that hold the water in them, ’cause I should probably drink a lot of  at least some water on long runs during the summer.” Reality: “I hate carrying water. I’m not taking water on my 16 mile run in 90 degree heat. I’ll be fine.” HAHAHAHAHA. No.

Every time, I can’t wait to take a shower and get all the sweat off of me and feel clean–“This is going to feel amazing!!!!” Reality: I end up screaming and unable to enjoy my post-long run shower. Screen shot 2013-08-17 at 1.36.16 PMFucking summer, man.

Any lies you tell yourself and lessons you for some reason can’t quite seem to learn?


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