Disneyland Countdown

It’s almost time to go to Disneyland for the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge and the Disneyland 5k! To spend time doing fun vacation stuff, like get up before 5:00 am three days in a row to go run around in a costume.  When I stop and think about it, a lot has changed since the last time I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon…

runDisney runDisney has drastically upped the number of race challenges, they’ve added 10k races, Avengers, Star Wars, and Dopey.  When I ran Disneyland the first time, there was a Coast to Coast medal and a Goofy Challenge and that was it for bonus medals.  I also remember really regretting not signing up for the 5k, which was a Cars theme that year since Carsland had just opened in California Adventure.

Footwear. For the Disneyland half marathon I wore my Saucony triumph (6? 9?) sneakers.  I haven’t worn a pair of those in over 3 years now.  They were my first real pair of running sneakers that didn’t hurt my feet and they carried me through my first marathon. IMG_1615Costumes I’m sad about this one. I used to put a lot more effort into my race costumes and I was so proud of my Disneyland Half Marathon costume, going as the tight rope walker from the Haunted Mansion.

Something for the 7,000+ people behind me to look at

Something for the 7,000+ people behind me to look at

I thought this costume was the best idea ever.  No one got it and people kept calling me Rapunzel but, I still loved it and the fact that the flowers on the skirt glowed in the dark. I hand painted the flowers, sewed the skirt, the sleeves, got the alligator to be on the skirt… It was a lot of work.  For Princess, I bought everything and put almost no effort into actually making anything.  It’s a change that’s a direct result of the fact that I don’t have the time to dedicate to fun costumes anymore.

Disneyland was also my first ever runDisney race.  Three years and a lot of magical miles later, I feel like it’s something that’s given me a lot of joy (and a little pain) along the way but I would trade my runDisney experiences for anything.  They’ve each been unique and wonderful.

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