Walt Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

It’s not the Polynesian anymore, it’s the Polynesian Village Resort or something and it’s today’s topic of conversation.

Have you ever wanted to stay in the Tiki Room?  Or perhaps the Jungle Cruise? Then have I got the hotel for you!

IMG_6532The Polynesian is my dad’s hotel.  He loves it and if it were his choice we’d stay at the Polynesian every single time we go to Disney World and as kids, that’s pretty much what we did even though my mom insists the brown color palette makes it look filthy and disgusting. (Side note: she also thinks actual Hawaii is grossly overrated and honestly a little disgusting. So there’s that.)

I really like the Polynesian and the redone Vacation Club rooms are really nice.  Kitschy, mid-century throwbacks are a definite selling point for me as evidenced by the decor in my home.

The high points of the Poly for me are the food, though.  Lillikoi juice (which coincidentally is served at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital cafeteria), friendship bread, macadamia nut butter… My dad loved the the Dole Whip and ate 3 of them in one day (one when we checked in, one after dinner, and then a third when we got back IMG_2973from the park).  Basically, I would hazard a guess and say of all the resorts the Polynesian has the most unique food fare.

And Kona has my favorite dessert menu of any Disney hotel. I can never decide what I want from the dessert menu, and then I’m just like “I should really just have alllll the desserts and skip the entree/appetizers.”

Great things about the Polynesian aside from the food:

  • Large rooms
  • Location, location, location. If Magic Kingdom is your park, the Polynesian is a great option with more “theme” than the Contemporary.
  • Transportation: the boat ride from the Polynesian is delightful and wonderful. Like being in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory but without the part where they decapitate the chicken. Also, the Monorail (which you can take to the start during Marathon Weekend) is pretty much a Disney World staple.

The downside to the Polynesian is, of course, the price. A night here ain’t cheap, my friends.  Plus, me personally I will forever be an Epcot resorts area girl. It’s just who I am, but nonetheless I had a delightful at the Polynesian.


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