Stock Up Season

IMG_6937It’s the time of the season to start getting ready for January and the wider runDisney race season.  The end of summer means big, big sales on summer clothes and guess what? It’s usually pretty hot in Disney during races.  Budget costumes are a forte of mine, and in recent years I’ve gotten more attuned to how to build a costume on a budget and with limited time/resources.  End of summer means it’s time to go buy all the tank tops in all the solid colors at Target.  Why?

I use purple to be Daisy.
Yellow becomes Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.
Blue becomes Donald.
Red became Iago this past November.

Basically, I stock up on tank tops that cost less than $10 now and add a few minor touches/accents to have a costume per race in January (November, September, and February, too).  Old Navy running tank tops are also great and you can get those deeply discounted now.  I’m also in charge of getting costumes ready for me and my sister for the Halloween Party in October and guess what? I’M MAKING THEM THINGS WE CAN RUN IN FEBRUARY because like hell do I have time to make two sets of costumes and I think I just saved me some money doing that. IMG_4700

The point is simply that, with a little planning and forethought, you can get the fun of running in a costume without spending a lot on stuff you’ll never re-wear.

When in doubt, friends, hot glue and safety pins.


6 thoughts on “Stock Up Season

  1. Your hot glue and safety pins approach has changed my life! And felt! Felt, glue gun and safety pins have changed my life! (And made it RIDICULOUSLY easy to change my Olaf costume from a tank to a long sleeve shirt when it decided to be 30 degrees in February)

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