Countdown to Disneyland: Just Add Ears

The easiest way to Disney-fy your running ensemble without a) breaking the bank or b) ruining your running mojo is to add ears.  They’re unisex, they’re simple, they’re under (or over) stated, you can buy them, make them at home, and customize them to your heart’s content. In short, they’re classic. And easy.  In fact, post-race I usually hang up my ears on the same hooks I hang the medals.  I’ve even re-worn my marathon ears they’re so comfy and perfect.

There are tons of options with regards to ears and they come in a lot of price ranges.  First up, the official Disney licensed ear hats and headbands.

The ear hat on the left, retail prices start at $13.95 and the headband at $17.95 with prices going up from there. (Currently, there’s a promotion: buy 4, get 10% off, 6, 20% off so you can get them for the whole family!) Personally, the headband on these is too tight. I wore one for Wine & Dine in 2012 and I haven’t worn one since because I’m pretty certain it bruised my skull. So for the marathon, I made my own mouse ears at home for about $5-$10.

Finished Ears

Finished Ears

They’re easy enough to make once you get the hang of it and I improved on my process in May when I again made ears for the Expedition Everest Challenge.

Scary yeti.

Scary yeti.

IMG_6969But, if you don’t want to make your own ears, there are also a wide variety of ear headbands and styles available for purchase on sites like (where else?) Etsy.  I purchased a hat (on the left) for the upcoming Disneyland 5k race on Etsy from Hat & Mouse and I seriously love it. It was expensive ($32.99 plus shipping) but honestly, I kinda want to wear it around everywhere. It’s small, about the size of a bread plate at a restaurant and there’s an elastic strap to attach it to your head. It’s maybe almost TOO nice to run in?

The hats come in different styles as opposed to just your generic ear hat/headband, and that’s part of what appeals to me. Top hats, cocktail hats, traditional headbands, and this little pillbox looking number.  She shipped quickly, and I suspect I might end up just wearing this around the park long after the run is done. It even came in an adorable little box, perfect to use for packing the hat in my luggage.

Ears: Traditional or funky? Favorite pair?




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