I Dumbo Double Dare You: 3 Weeks!

Continuing with the theme of Counting Down to Disneyland, here are the Top 5 Things I’m looking forward to in Disneyland.  And if you have anything else to add, just let me know because I’m going to spend the weekend having All The Fun.

Mr. Mouse, tear down this wall!

Mr. Mouse, tear down this wall!

  1. The Disneyland Hotel

The Sheraton was a great hotel, very clean, with great rooms, but now I’m 100% Disney and for someone who was raised on Walt Disney World, this is like really, really important.  I shall pass through the monorail pool gates and be accepted this time. I plan on taking advantage of the monorail pool slide, too, because WHERE ELSE AM I DOING THAT?

2. All The Lands

Fun fact: Last time I was here, I saw the Hilton Hotel Starbucks more than I saw anything in the Disneyland parks.  Yeah. I never saw Tomorrowland, Toontown, (only running through during the half marathon) or most of Adventureland. Why? Because my mother (it’s too early to go to the park, it’s too hot to go to the park, it’s too late now to go to the park).  So I’m really excited to just spend a lot of time in the parks on stuff I have still never seen.

3. The Fried Green Tomato Sandwich

From the Hungry Bear Restaurant of which there is a video on Youtube. That’s right, Disney people make videos of the food.

4. Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes

I wanted to do this the last time and never got to–my mother–but now I figure this is as close as I’ll ever get to my dream of rowDisney.  I saw videos of the ride online and it makes me think I would love to cox a Davy Crockett canoe as like, a profession.

5. The 5k

I was really sad I didn’t run the 5k the first year I went to Disneyland. I love the runDisney 5ks (maybe more than I love the half marathons…) and I’m very happy to be running it this year. Plus, I’m always done and cleaned up in time to make breakfast and a park opening!

Disneyland 5k Medal


5 thoughts on “I Dumbo Double Dare You: 3 Weeks!

  1. They asked questions on the canoes and my sister got one right, so she was the only one who didn’t have to row, but then she got the next one wrong so she was the ONLY one rowing!

    You forgot to mention FINALLY going on Tower of Terror and Splash Mountain! 🙂

  2. I was so frikkin excited when I found out Hungry Bear has sweet potato fries. It’s the only walk-up place in the park that has them. And believe me, I’ve done a full study.

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