I’d Stop for These: runDisney Photo Ops

In the world of runDisney, some people stop for every photo, some people stop for none. I’m selective, I know what I’ll wait for and what I won’t and a large group picture with a bunch of characters is basically The Best Thing Ever for me. So I bring you my favorite photo ops from the WDW Marathon and the Princess Half Marathon, respectively.

Five in one spot!

Five in one spot!

IMG_5780Fun Fact: The Tower of Terror 10 Miler was actually the race where I stopped for the most pictures. I loved it because they were all villains and had some great set ups but they were also all at night so… The pictures look like shit. But I can remember back and I assure you, they were great photo ops. I think my favorite was the darker grave diggers picture because I hear the gravedigger like Will Ferrell in Step Brothers yelling “Stop moving! You’re dead! Stop it!”


One thought on “I’d Stop for These: runDisney Photo Ops

  1. Except in the Disneyland 10K where we’re going to stop for ALL OF THEM in order to torture Doug and force him to have fun during this race dammit!

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