On The Playlist

Have you ever thought, “I’m looking for some music that sounds really nice, relaxing, and deceptively calm but then I listen to it and I’m prompted to say, ‘wow, that shit is fucked up'”? Well, have I get something for you!

Melanie Martinez

I’m partial to someone who was apparently on the Voice but I’m not cool enough that I heard of her on the show I just randomly heard her cover Miss Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and was like, “Oh wow, I greatly enjoy this.” In fact, when I heard it, I didn’t initially realize that it was the same song Britney did. (Full disclaimer: I actually do love the Britney Spears original.)

I would put this in the “cool down” “music to foam roll to” category. Unless of course you’re doing a creepy carnie themed race and then this is perfect for that. In particular, I greatly appreciated her homage to Leslie Gore in “Pity Party,” in which she sings (because no one shows up to her party) “Whatever, just means there’s way more cake for me forever.”

Like with the Decemberists, I like this girl enough that I feel shitty if I illegally download her music so I went ahead and paid for it and I think in today’s day and age that says a lot more than it used to in the late 90s.


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